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Jiang Jianqing

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Jiang Jianqing
Current Designation
Chairman, Executive Director
Current Institution
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
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Being at the top means having a long way to fall, and Jiang gives a lot of thought to keeping the bank’s position strong. Since 2000, he has led ICBC, the world’s largest bank by market capitalisation and the world’s most profitable for the last two years, the longest-serving of any of the leaders of the big four state-owned banks in China. He has led the bank through multiple restructuring exercises, aggressively consolidating its multiple systems and data centres. ICBC’s sophistication and reputation has risen to a point where it is seen as the Chinese bank with the best IT capabilities among the large Chinese banks, competing in technology-intensive businesses with nimbler players like China Merchant’s Bank in terms of its online banking capabilities.

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