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Hongzhang Wang

Hongzhang Wang
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China Construction Bank
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Mr.Hongzhang Wang , Chairman, Executive Director,Mr. Wang has served as Chairman of the Bank since January of 2012. From November 2003, Mr. Wang was Party Committee Member and Chief Disciplinary Officer of the People’s Bank of China (hereinafter “PBC”). From June 2000, Mr. Wang was President of Chengdu Branch of PBC and Administrator of Sichuan Branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange. From April 1996, Mr. Wang was Deputy Director-General of the Supervision Bureau and Director-General of the Internal Auditing Department of PBC. From February 1991, Mr. Wang served on various positions including Deputy Director of the General Administration Office, Deputy Director of the Finance Planning Department and General Manager of the Operations Office of the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (hereinafter“ICBC”). From January 1984, Mr. Wang consecutively worked in the Industrial and Commercial Credit Department and General Administration Office of ICBC. From November 1989, Mr. Wang was Assistant President of Qingdao City Branch of ICBC. From September 1978, Mr. Wang worked successively in the Credit Bureau, the Savings Department and the Industrial and Commercial Credit Department of PBC. Mr. Wang graduated from Liaoning Institute of Finance & Economics (currently known as “Dongbei University of Finance and Economics”) in 1978 and then obtained his master's degree in Economics. Mr. Wang is a Senior Economist and a Chinese Certified Accountant.

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