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Kanchan Keshav Nijasure

Kanchan Keshav Nijasure
Current Designation
Director and CIO
Current Institution
Bank Danamon
Technology and Innovation

Kanchan Keshav Nijasure is currently director and CIO at Bank Danamon Indonesia. Prior to this, he was CTO (from 2004), as well as a member of the board of management. He spearheaded the bank’s technology vision aimed at enabling business growth. Nijasure commenced his banking technology career by working on treasury systems with Unisys before joining Citigroup in 1987, working on diverse IT platforms in multiple countries. He has held a number of senior management positions in different companies within Citigroup, including global technology head of Citibusiness at Citibank London and head of corporate planning and development at Citicorp Infotech.

Other Technology and Innovation