Dimitrios  Kokosioulis Phoebe Wong Tiangui Lyu Manoj Menon  Anand Sachdev Xiaobo Yang Yongsheng Liu Matt  Hanning Tiejun Xie
Jie Li Louisa Cheang Antony Cahill Wenjie lin Xu Yan Edmond  Ng Neil Fitzgerald Pascal  Augé Megan  Mcdonald

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Finance China 2022
25 August 2022
Finance Philippines 2022
22 September 2022
Finance Thailand 2022
04 October 2022
Finance Indonesia 2022
06 October 2022
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Listed below is a full listing of all the professionals we believe are making a difference in the industry today. This list is in alphabetical order of their first name.

Haji Minorhadi Haji Mirhassan
Current Designation:
Head of Institutional Banking Division
Current Institution:
Brunei Darussalam